Kyoto Round 3!

1 09 2009

I’m actually back in Canada at this point, but before I left I met with a good high school buddy to do a more scenic tour of Kyoto than I had before.

I visited more historical and cultural attractions this time than all the previous times put together! So this is back to the usual Japanese culture filled posts :).  Click on for more sights and sounds straight from Kyoto!

Shrine at the end of the Philosopher's Path

Shrine at the end of the Philosopher's Path

The trip this time was split into 2 days, and the first day was mostly spent navigating the Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto.  The path starts at Ginkakuji and heads south ending at Nanzenji.  It’s named the Philosopher’s Path because a famous Japanese philosopher, Nishida Kitaro, used to use the path for daily meditation.


Entrance to Ginkakuji

The path starts at the Ginkakuji, but it’s under construction so sadly it won’t actually be worth entering until 2010.

Themed Trinket shops line the streets

Themed Trinket shops line the streets

All sorts of trinket shops line the streets, including the cat one above.  At this point the rain was getting real bad so we took shelter in a nearby and had a completely unfilling lunch that also cost me an arm and a leg.


The path is lined with Sakura trees.

The path is lined with Sakura trees.


While walking I stumble upon a shrine.  The name was Toyo something, but I can’t remember anymore :(.  I should really tag my photos in the camera.


The approach

The approach


Moving on!  I find yet another random temple that was supposed to be closed.  However, they had the gates open due to some construction work they were doing.  I played the dumb foreigner card, snuck in, and took a few photos.  I do wish they were open as the temple looks rather grand.

DSC_2993DSC_2994DSC_2990Following the path farther south we have a much smaller compact shrine.

DSC_2998DSC_2999Which also happened to be very nearby the very famous Eikando shrine.  The entrance fee was a steep 600 yen and photography was banned inside the shrine :(.


Pillar of light from the heavens!

Pillar of light from the heavens!

The Eikando temple also features an amazing garden.


At this point it was getting pretty late, and we headed back to the hotel before getting a taste of the night life.

Just 3 more pics!  Hang in there everyone!

Kyoto 016Kyoto 017Kyoto 021My friend and I actually went for Yakiniku and karaoke, but I forgot to take pictures 😥

I’ll have day 2 of the trip up tomorrow.  In the mean time, I need to get the adrenaline running to fight my jet lag :(.



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1 09 2009

When I was in Kyoto, Ginkakuji was also under construction, but it was still a good time. The main pavillion was partially hidden under scaffolding, but the decorative gravel, painted screens (shoji?) and the walk up the hill were all very nice.

Eikando was a fun time as well. Did you walk all the way up to the pagoda? It was worth the 600Y as opposed to most other places that charged, because of how large it was and how much it had to show off.

They were restoring one of the larger pavillions when I was there, and the paint smelled terrible.

1 09 2009

Glad you’re safe in Canada. I’ll see you at Waterloo ^_^

3 09 2009

Welcome back to Canada. ^^

Great photos! I should go to Kyoto again the next time I’m there.

6 09 2009

How hot is it in Japan?

And is it reaalllyyy as fantasylike-scenic as it looks in the photos?

30 09 2009

The temple shots are fantastic, think I have a new desktop image 🙂

31 12 2009

Happy New Years.

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