Moving to a new blog…

29 08 2010

A good internet friend of mine has graciously decided to lend me some hosting space so I can have a more customizable blog, w00t!

Everyone, thanks for visiting, and I’ll see you on:


Although it’s no longer 2009….

22 08 2010

I am in fact back in Japan!  If there’s anyone hanging around that still visits.  Get ready for more of my exciting adventures throughout Japan 😛 and amazing culture shock examples!  If you’re still coming and you’re still reading, please do drop me a comment.

Restarting the blog in…. a few days!

Survived an earthquake, heading to Tokyo

11 08 2009

As the title says, I’m heading to Tokyo for a few days to meet up with Yukito and Rin from Hopefully I’ll be able to post while I’m there.

In the mean time, I’m getting ready for massive delays because the earthquake in Shizuoka destroyed a number of highways and caused landslides in areas already soaked by typhoon rains.


7 07 2009

Thanks Miku. W00t W00t. Just a useless bragging post, since I have no one to brag to about this to in real life haha.

Hurrah!  Miku Miku ni shite ageru~~~

Hurrah! Miku Miku ni shite ageru~~~

~ O Canada ~

1 07 2009

I guess this is a bit too Canada centric, but since I’m from Canada today is a bit of a special day. Today is Canada day, the day we graduated from British colony to independent nation with some of the driest and most boring history ever written in textbooks.

As a semi-otakuish person, I leave you with this :).

Milestone Hit~~~! Thank You Everyone!

16 06 2009

This isn’t really a blog post, but I thought I’d post a message of thanks to all my readers!  To all of you who don’t comment, thanks for reading!  And to all of you who do comment, super thanks for the support!

O, I forgot to mention what milestone I hit :P.  Milestone was 11,000 hits, and I accomplished that in 3 months thanks to everybody!

And now for the celebratory image!

Full Speed Ahead to 20,000 hits!

Full Speed Ahead to 20,000 hits!

Introduction to Food stuffs Round 4: Something to avoid

31 05 2009

Heya everyone,

I just realized somehow I have neglected my blog for 4 days :O, while doing other things.  Sorry if I haven’t replied to your comments as a result of that, I’ll get to that now.

Just a short post for today, but since I’ve spent 3 rounds introducing some good things I ate I’ve decided to introduce something pretty awful that I ate :P.  Hit the jump for more.

Japanese Pizza places - avoid at all costs.

Japanese Pizza places - avoid at all costs.

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