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As you might have surmised from the blog title, my name is Aaron. I’m currently working as part of an internship in Japan until the end of August.  It would suck terribly if all of it was work only, so I’ve decided to travel the country as much possible with the funds I have.  Oh and while I am at it, learn how to do photography properly as well, with a real camera and not a point and shoot.

Japan is a fairly mysterious place with most information only available in Japanese.  Needless to say, the people are hardly versed in English meaning the country is impenetrable as ever.  However, I’ve taken a strong liking to this country and am determined to see everything it has to offer.

This blog is a record to myself for all the things I’ve experienced so I don’t forget. Hopefully, others will come to read it and enjoy it as well.


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28 04 2009

Oh wow, internship in Japan? sounds good! Is it in Tokyo? Mind if I ask what kind of job is it? I would love to have such an opportunity to work in Japan ^^

28 04 2009

Nope, I’m not in Tokyo. I’m quite grateful for it too actually. I’m currently in Nagoya, Japan.

😛 My friends all laugh at me when I say this, but I work at a company that builds the crazy Japanese toilets that you see on TV.

29 04 2009

Glad u like the place u work. Is it because it is less congested? and yeah that sounds like an interesting job! ^^

29 04 2009

Actually the main reason is the location and the living expenses. I don’t mind high population density since I used to live in Hong Kong.

Nagoya is in the middle of Japan, which means I can make it to anywhere rather easily. If I was in Tokyo, I’d never make it to Hiroshima or Onomichi.

Tokyo is also ridiculously expensive to live in. Nagoya is a LOT cheaper.

5 05 2009

A…real camera?

5 05 2009

yarly a real camera :). A Nikon D60.

7 05 2009

You’re a Nanotech student at ‘Loo right? I was actually accepted into the proram during the second last week of May last year, although I decided to go for Western Biomedical Sci instead.

Great stuff here, makes me envious since my parents won’t let me go on exchange for my third year…Well…I’ve still got another year before that. We should meet up when you come back, that is, the last moments of summer before school starts >.>

Also, I’ve added you to my blogroll.

7 05 2009

Yup, how did you know that? :O.

You made the right choice, the Nano program at the University of Waterloo is something I regard as the biggest mistake in my life up to this point.

Sure meeting up would be great :), always glad to find people who share my hobbies. I also added you to my blogroll too!

5 06 2009

I second that motion about Nano.

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