K-ON Volume 2 Chapter 13 and Kannagi 33

22 06 2009

W00t w00t, new chapter out and three more to go before we hit the end of the released books.  You can get it here.  I don’t really have much more to add than, please enjoy!

Oh right, there’s Kannagi too.  Here you go!  Click here!

I’m sure no one really cares, but I feel like making a post or a page explaining how I go about reading the text.  Maybe it’ll help someone find it easier to break down Japanese sentences for comprehension.

Oh.. and of course.. mandatory K-ON image.  This one combines my love of vocaloids with my love of K-ON, hehe! 2009Jun10183339_20147

Mio as Gacktpoid, Ritsu as Meiko, Nodoka as Kaito, Yui and Ui as Kagamine Ren and Rin, Mugi as Megurine Ruka, and Azusa soon to be Hatsune Miku!


H I N A! Hinagiku Hai hai! Aka Honjitsu, Mankai Lyrics and Karaoke

10 06 2009

I don’t think there are that actually any Hayate fans in my small readership, but I guess I’ll post this anyway since I feel this is one more step that I’ve walked down the path of Japanese literacy.

By taking the time to procrastinate doing PDENG and using grace days, I ended up doing this in collaboration with my scanlation group.  We made a karaoke PV of Hayate no Gotoku Season 2 ED1 with romaji and English translations!  I only did the translation and romanization, and now I hear the song ringing in my ears ALL THE TIME :'(.

Do please visit Foolrulez if you are ever in need of some Spice and Wolf, K-ON, Kannagi, Hayate no Gotoku, Kanokon, Holy Hearts, or Zero no Tsukaima manga!

Hit the jump for the lyrics and translation, because this is getting a bit long.

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Mediafire~~~? Hayate 137 Released~!

7 06 2009

Hurrah, currently working hard on translating chapter 139 for all you Hayate fans out there!  At least I’ll be translating until Federer steps on the court.

In any case, chapter 137 has been released and I’ve been given the pleasure of posting the mediafire link :D, so hit the jump and scroll down!

O, and since I’m too lazy to post a Hayate picture, you’ll just have to make do with a picture I just took.

Gekisou ver. Nagato Yuki.

Gekisou ver. Nagato Yuki.

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Kannagi Chapter 32

3 06 2009

W00t w00t!  This one has been a while in the making, but chapter 32 is finally released from my group.  4 more chapters until the hiatus…  I hope I get there before the author comes back.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, a lot of my time has gone into watching the French Open aka Roland Garros.  Hopefully, Federer will win that even though it seems extremely unlikely.  Will have a real post up real soon.

Get it here!

Now for the mandatory Kannagi image!

Konachan.com - 49009 sample

K-ON Volume 2 Chapter 12

26 05 2009

Well… Yet another chapter has been released!  I only did the translation checking this time, but great fun nonetheless :).  Will Yui recover from her cold in time?  Gotta read to find out!

Get it here!

Kyoto post should be coming tomorrow, it ended up being a bit of a disappointment because my lousy friend was a no show though.

Anyway, mandatory K-ON image time!

Azu-nyan!  As will be seen in K-ON Ep 9!

Azu-nyan! As will be seen in K-ON Ep 9!

K-ON Volume 2 Chapter 11

19 05 2009

My group drops yet another release of K-ON!  Just a few more until the end of the published chapters.  Sadly, I’m not the translator this time, as I have been moved onto other projects.  However, since I’ve been posting these since they first began, I thought I might as well post them till the end.

Get it here.

And… man my image bank for K-ON is running a little empty.  Let’s see what I can find.

Tsumugi Dakimakura!

Tsumugi Dakimakura!

Kannagi 31 and K-ON Volume 2 Chapter 10

16 05 2009

Woohoo, more of my translations have been released by my group Kannagi and K-ON :D.
Just a few more chapters until the author hiatus :), K-ON is catching up to the most recent published chapter!  In the mean time get Kannagi and K-ON!.

O and of course the mandatory image *scrounges through my image collection*

The closest thing I could find to a Kannagi + K-ON cross over.  At least they jump sort of similarly to the K-ON OP :P.

The closest thing I could find to a Kannagi + K-ON cross over. At least they jump sort of similarly to the K-ON OP :P.