Race Queen Hatsune Miku~! + Random Japanese

17 05 2009

I probably left too much of a hint on my other post, but the reason I was fiddling around with the ATM the other day was for the sake of Hatsune Miku Racequeen version, known in Japanese as 初音ミクRQver.  There were one or two readers who were obsessed with Hatsune Miku here besides me, but I felt like sharing my most recent pre-order. :).  This racequeen is actually much more special than the previous nendroid Miku and is far far more rare, which prompted me to jump on it immediately.  Read on to find out why!

Hatsune Miku Desu!

Hatsune Miku Desu!

For those of you who don’t know, Hatsune Miku has her own itasha racecar in the Japanese SuperGT GT300, run by the awfully named Studie Glad Racing.  The car itself is named the “Miku Z4”.  Unfortunately, they’re also not a very good racing team, so they came up with a brilliant idea where if they came up with a limited edition Hatsune Miku nendroid they could get thousands of fans to willingly pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars.  I also willingly jumped into the trap and offered up my 7,000 yen for their “Sponsor Package” which was available through their online checkout for a limited time.


SuperGT Hatsune Miku

The figure itself isn’t out yet, so I’ll be ninja’ing the pics from Mika-tan (Good Smile Company)’s blog and translating the relevant descriptions!  I’ve picked out the important lines and essentially translated from here: http://ameblo.jp/gsc-mikatan/entry-10243042759.html

The new nendroid comes with a special Studio Glad Racing umbrella!

Specialized umbrella - senyou kasa - 専用傘

Specialized umbrella - senyou kasa - 専用傘

Unbelievably, she comes with 2 “negi umbrellas” in 2 different modes!

なんと「ねぎ傘」は2種付属 - nanto "negikasa" ha nishu fusoku

なんと「ねぎ傘」は2種付属 - nanto "negikasa" ha nishu fuzoku

It also comes with a car!  (The Miku Z4)

車も付属します! - kuruma mo fuzoku shimasu!

車も付属します! - kuruma mo fuzoku shimasu!

As you can see the color of the car is black.  But just before the blog was written, the Good Smile Company bloggers finished painting the decal on the car!  Just in time!

If you stick on the included “Seal Set”, you too can make your car look like the Miku Z4!


付属している「シールセット」を貼ると、「ミクZ4」風な痛車にすることも出来ます!- fuzokushite iru shiiru setto wo haruto, "Miku Z4" fuu na itasha ni surukoto mo dekimasu!

It also comes with a number of Miku faces AND she can ride in her own Miku Z4!

Eye Closed Shut :)
表情替え&オプションパーツも付属しておりますよー! hyoujou kae & opushon paatsu mo fuzokushite orimasu!

Or angry Miku Race face inside her lovely race car!  This was the shot that won it for me.  I couldn’t but say… MOE and handed these people my hard earned money.



Also comes with Hachune Miku face!  I wonder if these faces are exchangeable with the existing Miku nendroid.

The lack of determination on her face is priceless.

全くやる気のない感じがステキです - mattaku yaruki no nai kanji ga suteki desu.

全くやる気のない感じがステキです - mattaku yaruki no nai kanji ga suteki desu.

Well that’s it for me from this time around.  😛 I’m probably the only one who’s interested in this sort of thing, but I felt like sharing it anyway.  Maybe the random Japanese, romaji, and translations helped some people who are interested in this sort of thing though!

Until next time!



11 responses

17 05 2009

oh god. its a scam!

17 05 2009

I like the white keyboard in the background =)

17 05 2009

Ahh. Another exclusive figure… TwT

17 05 2009

2 negi umbrellas?! And wow they look pretty detailed too.

Wicked looking Miku nendroid. For some reason, I really like the “closed-eyes” face on her.

18 05 2009

She should come with an >.< face, it looks quite as surprising as the O_O face.

The umbrella is an awesome idea. Totally want one, but not to use in real life…

19 05 2009

Nyarth: It’s not my keyboard lol. The figure isn’t out yet, but I’ll put up pics when she is.

Maru: Yup exclusive, which will make it all the better when she is finally in my hands.

Bluemage: They really pulled out all the stops with this nendroid, love the faces.

Robostrike: I think the original miku nendroid came with a >.< face. Now if they were interchangable… he he he….

20 05 2009
Yuki Phnx

I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the umbrellas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 02 2010
sabastean the car trimer

i love it
i hope the kid,s love her
more of this for the kid,s raceing moto in japan
more of the girl,s
hope the 2010 queen,s of the race way,s have a good time ..

29 07 2010

cute by my fave Japanese race queen is Midori Yamasaki

28 11 2010

i will like to have this hatsune miku ,any place can be purchase?

4 01 2011

Hatsune Miku should join the DG RQ’s and be included in their calendar 😛

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