K-ON Volume 2 Chapter 11

19 05 2009

My group drops yet another release of K-ON!  Just a few more until the end of the published chapters.  Sadly, I’m not the translator this time, as I have been moved onto other projects.  However, since I’ve been posting these since they first began, I thought I might as well post them till the end.

Get it here.

And… man my image bank for K-ON is running a little empty.  Let’s see what I can find.

Tsumugi Dakimakura!

Tsumugi Dakimakura!



3 responses

19 05 2009

so where is my mio?

19 05 2009

You found this image on Sankaku Complex, didn’t you? =)

19 05 2009

guor, no mio for you because I have her.

bluemage: I possibly did, I can’t remember. I dug this off of my hard drive.

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