15 08 2009

I just got back from the first day of Comiket 76, and I’m absolutely exhausted.   I’ll write a few things about that later, but for now just a short update and time for some much needed rest.DSC_2689

Today’s dinner was a rather interestingly made yakisoba.  I had this at the Odaiba Aquamall food court.  Yakisoba is really just simply fried noodles with fried beef, pork, or some other meat along with copious amounts of green onions and Japanese mayonnaise.   Simple, but YUM~!



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15 08 2009

That looks nice. What’s the difference between Japanese Mayo and normal mayo? And what was your green drink? It looks refreshing.

15 08 2009

I’m not sure what the difference is in terms of ingredients, but it is completely different when it comes to taste. I don’t relaly know how to describe the taste :P.

The green drink was melon flavored Fanta soda

15 08 2009
Yuki Phnx

what other sauce is in there? I see a brown-ish one under the mayo. And what type of noodles are they? They look like udon

15 08 2009

It’s some sort of soy sauce, It’s not quite as salty as normal soya sauce. it’s actually also a little sweet, so I’m not too sure.

They are soba noodles :D. Just a little thicker than normal.

15 08 2009

Aaah! I just had lunch, but it’s making me want to eat more! Sleep tight Aaron, you did great to survive your first Comiket! Share your experiences once you have more strength ^_^ Oh, btw, how long does Obon usually last for?
@Yuki: Barbecue sauce?? They sure look like fat noodles to me ^_^

15 08 2009

Obon is like golden week, 3 days of weekdays + 2 days of weekends = total of 5 days off.

Not everyone gets the time off, this one is usually at the employers discretion and boy am I glad they gave me time off :P.

15 08 2009

Isn’t it great you got a few days off ^_^ Now you can spend more time in Comiket ^_^

15 08 2009

Aaaaaaaagh, why must you torture me with such pictures? u_u;

And is that a curry-pan in the foreground there? Yum indeed.

Ahh well, good luck at Comiket, try to not get trampled as much as possible.

15 08 2009

That’s actually a croquette. It’s a fried food roll with mashed potato and minced beef inside. It’s still delicious, even if it’s not curry pan!

15 08 2009

Looks good, especially with what I’ve been eating recently…

Japanese Mayo is really different from western mayo as you said. Maybe a milder taste? Mostly I find Japanese mayo on sushi but have seen it on pizza as well. Normally, I would think that was gross but its actually not bad at all.

Looking forward to your comiket write up after your good rest.

15 08 2009

Kinda late in replying to your post, but it’s great that you survived the first day of Comiket 76. The food looks so good! Can’t wait until I go home on Sunday so that I can eat proper food again. =)

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