Akihabara 1st Visit Loot

24 02 2009

I’m a bit too lazy to type up the post about everything that happened in Akihabara right now, so I’ll stick to a loot post that seems to be somewhat easier. I’ll definitely type something about the Macross event eventually.


From what’s in the picture:

From Gamers:

Plastic Folder (To Aru Majutsu no Index) = 367 yen


Kei Illustration Collection = 2,700 yen

Unofficial Hatsune Mix Manga Volume 1 = 700 yen

From Asobit Characity:

Idolm@ster Perfect sun (First print limited edition) PSP game = 4,380 Yen.  I didn’t actually aim for the limited edition, I just somehow happened to be there while they were unveiling it.

From Tokyo Anime Center:

Macross Launch Ceremony Poster = 1,050 Yen (More on this later)


Ranka Lee + Sheryl Nome Cup (Macross Frontier)= 840 Yen

From Animate:

Kudrayaka Noumi cloth poster (Little Busters) = 1050 Yen

From Macross Launch Festival Shopping Corner:

2x Itasha Decals: Lion and Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier) = 5,000 Yen

Special Folder set A (contains event paper bag, 2x clear plastic prints, and Macross Frontier Phone card) (Macross Frontier) = 2,000 Yen

Macross Shoulder Pack = 2,000 yen

Some funny VF 25 clear folder = Free.  ETC (The company that runs toll booths and toll roads in Japan) teamed up with the event hosts, to try and use Macross to tell people to slow down for toll booths :O.



Yea the picture is crappy, I”ll work on taking some actual pictures once I get room on my table :P.

1x Luca and 1x Cloche (Ar Tonelico 2) = 12,959 Yen

1x Magical Girl Maryan Senpai (To Heart 2: Another Days)

1x Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid 2) Music box = 1,500 yen


From Yodabashi Camera:

1 x Shana Nendroid (Shakugan no Shana)  = 3,150 Yen

1x Alto Saotome VF-25 Super Messiah Pack Plastic Model Kit (Macross Frontier) = 4,720 Yen

1x Gundam Marker and Plastic Calipers = 1820 Yen

Nikon D60 Digital SLR + 2GB SD card + Natural UV light lens filter = 59,120Yen

Sheryl Nome VF-25 stickers = free promotional gift only during Macross Launch Festival


Everything together so far has been: 96,209 Yen.  The majority of it was from my camera, but I think that was well worth it.  Time to save up again :P, I’m broke now.  Next stop, Kyoto and hopefully Miku Fes!



9 responses

24 02 2009

Hentai! lolicon!

25 02 2009

I second that Jun ^_^

25 02 2009

Thanks guys 😥

26 02 2009
Yuki Phnx


so jealoussss!><

28 02 2009

Man you had a field day in Akiba it seems. I guess I’m going to become a regular visitor/commenter on your blog now ’cause some of the stuff you’ve written so far is quite interesting. And that I’m a semi-addict for reading other ppl’s blogs. XD

Oh man the Kei illustration book looks really nice, and you got a real copy of the Hatsune Mix manga too! Totally awesome! And I can’t believe you already have the Miku Music Box when like half the world is still waiting for them (or I could be wrong depending on what I last read about it).

The Noumi cloth poster and the Maryan figure…I guess you really are a lolicon.

(Haha don’t worry, I would like to get them too. ^_^)

3 03 2009

wow, you got a dslr! i assume you got it with a kit lens? you’ll have to let me know how that is (or if you have already in another post, gomen, not up to date m(_ _)m)

i must’ve spent like 1000 yen trying to get a miku music box out of a damn ufo catcher, no luck orz

3 03 2009

Yep, I have DSLR. I picked up the lens kit for the Nikon D60. The camera is fantastic, these resized pictures that I`m using for wordpress don`t do it justice.

Kind of regret it when I think of what other stuff I could have gotten for 60,000 yen, but I love the quality that this camera consistently produces. It also slowly edges you into all the tools it has available, by offering a beefy manual, an automatic mode, and a huge number of semi automatic modes before you take the jump into full manual. Right now, the camera is better than me… stay tuned for hopefully some better pictures!

Your photography skill is far better than mine right now.

O and I`m actually quite good at UFO catcher, though I didn`t actually get it in this case. I used a bit of social engineering to communicate how hard I had been trying and the kind lady at the shop kindly moved the box for me, so I could easily knock it into the prize bin. (I suppose whether you got it or not is what matters, not how you got it :P)

8 03 2009

Time for your next update! And I don’t see Rolly in your pictures yet, what gives

9 03 2009

Lol.. the rolly has actually disappeared from the streets of Japan entirely in less than a year.

I searched Akiba high and low and it was nowhere to be seen. I wonder if I’ll have to go all the way to odaiba for the darn thing :P. I said I’d buy one if you’d buy one, and you never bought one!

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