So Where am I?

23 02 2009

I’m currently living and working in a suburb in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan, a small city with a population of 52,000.  This puts me about 47 minutes away from Nagoya by tram, the prefectural capital and the 4th most populous city of Japan.   Nagoya is home to quite a few tourist sites, that I have yet to visit and take photos of :), but that is for another time.   Nagoya seems to be rarely visited by foreign tourists and isn’t very well known by people who aren’t already knowledgeable about Japan.  I live in a fabulous residence/dormitory that functions as part of the company I’m currently working for.  Ok, so it’s not fabulous, but it’s more than acceptable.

Business Ryokan Donichi

In any case, here is Nagoya!  Ripped directly from the Lonely Planet.

Well that’s it for boring introductions, on to more exciting stuff that is tourism!



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