Super quick preview~ Gundam!

24 08 2009

Sorry, I don’t have much to post today due to a lack of time, but I did see something today that was pretty special, at least to me.   I know most of you have probably seen this pictures from multiple sources already, but I thought I’d put my limited photography skills to the test and take a few pictures that would stand out.

My attempt at a good Gundam Picture

My attempt at a good Gundam Picture

Sorry, just one picture for now.  I need to fix my chronic hard disk space problem.  Yes yes, delete the porn I know the jokes :P.



One response

24 08 2009

Wow, nice pics…
@ your Hard Drive: dang…quickly zip and password your doujinshis before getting checked! If it fails, then at least you know the pr0n is all gone too.

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