FictionJunction Yuki Kajiura Live Everlasting Songs Tour 2009

11 07 2009

Heya guys,

I posted a while ago about getting tickets to a FictionJunction Live, but the event finally happened on wednesday, woohoo!  The concert was GREEAATTTTTT, now my FictionJunction and Kalafina mp3’s all sound markedly dull compared to the life performance.  I have no idea how to report an event where I was banned from taking pictures at, but I’ll give it a shot.


eew that was a bad pic. Stupid auto mode.

The concert was in a place called Imaike in Nagoya.  I actually haven’t been there prior to this, and to my surprise the concert hall was right outside the station.



I actually took half a day off so I could arrive a little earlier to the live concert and get a good spot.  Unfortunately, there was something I didn’t know about tickets in Japan.  In Japan, seating is not first come first served.  Every ticket issued comes with a number called a 整理番号 seiribango.  This number is issued when you buy the ticket, so buying the ticket early is very very important.  That’s because at the venue, you are expected to line up according to your number.  Somehow, the Japanese people managed to arrange themselves in the right order without any kind of fuss or disorder.  I could NOT see this happening in North America at least not without a few people getting hurt.  I was number 334 :'(,  I can barely see the entrance…  I’m such an idiot for even bothering to line up early.

Omg.. I can't see the entrance...

Omg.. I can't see the entrance...

Fictionjunction Yuuka, Keiko, Kaori, Wakana, and Yuriko Kaida were all present :).  Ok, I’m never using te auto mode again on my camera.  I didn’t realize these shots were so bad.

DSC_2131DSC_2134DSC_2137DSC_2138DSC_2135Out of all the Fictionjunctions I’m most familiar with Yuuka to the point where I actually managed to name all the songs she sang :S.  I was far far less sucessful with the rest of the FictionJunctions though.  In any case, here are a few songs they sang.

Fiction Junction Yuuka

Silly go round (.hack//Roots OP)
Kouya Routen (Bakumatsu Kikansetsu OP)
Akatsuki no Kuruma (Gundam Seed Insert)
Casador del Amor
Kioku no mori (Tsubasa Shunraiki ED)

Other FictionJunctions
Here we stand in the morning dew
Gin no Hashi
Synchronicity (Tsubasa Chronicles OP)
Salva Nos (Npir Insert)
Zodiacal Sign (Aquarian Age Insert)
Parallel Hearts (Pandora Hearts OP)

I do wonder why I don’t do better at anime name that tune since I was able to pick out that much :P.  Anyway, until next time!



I actually have about half of them done, but I’m too lazy to take pics every time I get one :P.



4 responses

11 07 2009

It’s too bad you couldn’t get a better ticket number, but you must have had an awesome time anyway.

You’ve gotta stop getting perfects in that game. =P

11 07 2009
Yuki Phnx

I’m so jealous of you ;_;

But wow, they arranged themselves. That’s really cool. But I bet if we had that sort of system over here, we could be just as organized. We can’t see it happening without fuss because we’re not used to that sort of line-up

I discovered something similar when I was buying a movie ticket in HK and they asked me to choose my seat! Then an usher at the theatre brought me to my seat. It was SOOO cool

11 07 2009

Wow, glad to hear you had a blast ^_^ not to mention all the perfects you’re getting in Hatsune Miku~Project Diva on hard.
Can’t wait for your return so we can Ad-Hoc play ^_^ though I do not have as much experience as you playing this game T_T been busy learning Japanese now that I’m done with AMV.

2 08 2009

OMG xD Everlasting Songs Love tour, I’m so jealous

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