~ O Canada ~

1 07 2009

I guess this is a bit too Canada centric, but since I’m from Canada today is a bit of a special day. Today is Canada day, the day we graduated from British colony to independent nation with some of the driest and most boring history ever written in textbooks.

As a semi-otakuish person, I leave you with this :).



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1 07 2009
Yuki Phnx


2 07 2009

Go file a complaint to helpdesk to take Canada day off…wait, July 1st is over……T_T go file a complaint to get tomorrrow off due to missed Canada day ^_^haha
Just kidding. I hope you did something awesome at night to make tribute to Canada day ^_^

2 07 2009

Are you semi-otakuish or REALLY otakuish? =)

Either way, happy Canada Day!

2 07 2009

“…some of the driest and most boring history ever written in textbooks.”

What history o.o Do we really have anything that qualifies as history that doesn’t involve failure election campaigns?

That bit of Miku singing was great. Now encore en francais!

And happy Canada day to you ^_^

2 07 2009


4 07 2009

Hey, you should’ve come back for a bit.

The fireworks were awesome. And the ice cream.

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