Kannagi Chapter 32

3 06 2009

W00t w00t!  This one has been a while in the making, but chapter 32 is finally released from my group.  4 more chapters until the hiatus…  I hope I get there before the author comes back.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, a lot of my time has gone into watching the French Open aka Roland Garros.  Hopefully, Federer will win that even though it seems extremely unlikely.  Will have a real post up real soon.

Get it here!

Now for the mandatory Kannagi image!

Konachan.com - 49009 sample



4 responses

4 06 2009

You watch tennis? =D

5 06 2009

Come on, everyone knows that the NBA finals are more exciting. 😉

I’m dying in Quantum Mechanics and MATLAB. Help meeeeeee…

5 06 2009

You’re dying in quantum mechanics and matlab because you’re lame and think NBA finals are more exciting than the French Open dur?

Goodness, I’m glad I got through those earlier hahaha.

6 06 2009

Yeah now I know how you felt when you took Quantum Mechanics.

No I think tennis is pretty exciting too, but I only have time to follow one sport at the moment. =)

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