Introduction to Food stuffs Round 4: Something to avoid

31 05 2009

Heya everyone,

I just realized somehow I have neglected my blog for 4 days :O, while doing other things.  Sorry if I haven’t replied to your comments as a result of that, I’ll get to that now.

Just a short post for today, but since I’ve spent 3 rounds introducing some good things I ate I’ve decided to introduce something pretty awful that I ate :P.  Hit the jump for more.

Japanese Pizza places - avoid at all costs.

Japanese Pizza places - avoid at all costs.

If you’ve been to Japan or spent any period of time in Japan, you’ll realize that Japanese love mixing things together particularly when it comes to food.  Sometimes the result turns out pretty nice, like curry udon or cheese gyuudon.

For some reason, I had a real pizza craving while sitting around one day and decided to try out a Japanese based pizzeria and managed to get burned by the bad end of the Japanese mixed food stick.  I should have known when the brochure said that they had a pizza that used a Japanese curry sauce, with half raw eggs, grilled beef, onions, parsley, and parmesan.

I didn’t think it was exactly picture worthy until I was done eating so the picture isn’t of a complete pizza :(.

Lousy small pizza that cost me a whooping 2800 yen :(.  I want my money back.

Lousy small pizza that cost me a whooping 2800 yen :(. I want my money back.

The pizza did come with two fried chicken drumstucks that were pretty good (but there’s a limit to how creative you can get with fried drumsticks).  Oh well, Lesson learned.  Avoid Japanese based pizzerias at all costs.  On the otherhand, Dominos Pizza, which is a North American franchise, seems to have a menu that looks semi ok.  I’ll guess I’ll give them a whirl before throwing in the towel for foreign foods in Japan :P.



8 responses

31 05 2009

The raw egg pizza may just be the only thing that I don’t like with eggs on it.

31 05 2009
Yuki Phnx

actually….that combination looks interesting. i would try it out. i’m not much of a pizza person though

31 05 2009

Pizza Hut pwns all Pizza franchises =P

31 05 2009

That’s because Pizza Hut supports the rebellion.

31 05 2009

And the rebellion is powered by C.C.

1 06 2009

Too bad there’s no plushie that you’d get after getting a number of those Pizza Hut boxes T_T. Well, that’s a food I’ll be avoiding when I go to Japan. Too bad I wasn’t the one being experimented on…now you’re making me want to get that type of pizza and trying it myself. T_T

5 06 2009

O____O 2800YEN! I’ll nvr eat pizzas over there.

22 06 2009

Beware of Asian pizzerias. I’ve lived in Jakarta and Bangkok and have never really had a good local pizza experience. The good pizzerias were always owned by immigrants. The big chain pizzerias are usually ok, you just have to get used to the local modifications and general lack of cheese.

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