K-ON Volume 2 Chapter 12

26 05 2009

Well… Yet another chapter has been released!  I only did the translation checking this time, but great fun nonetheless :).  Will Yui recover from her cold in time?  Gotta read to find out!

Get it here!

Kyoto post should be coming tomorrow, it ended up being a bit of a disappointment because my lousy friend was a no show though.

Anyway, mandatory K-ON image time!

Azu-nyan!  As will be seen in K-ON Ep 9!

Azu-nyan! As will be seen in K-ON Ep 9!



3 responses

26 05 2009

Can’t wait until Azusa comes into K-On!

27 05 2009

Hey, was that the furry picture Woxxy was gonna use?

27 05 2009

I had it posted first, Woxxy saw it and decided that he really liked it, so he did a few dirty things to it.

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