Taking a walk in Nagoya~

20 05 2009

I don’t really have much to write about, except that I am meeting up with an old friend in Kyoto this coming weekend so expect tons more shots if I can remember how to use my camera :P.

In the mean time, I received a request a while ago from a commentor, Lorfarius, for a post where I just take shots of everything I see so people get a better idea of what Japan is like.  So I set out doing just that!  Lorfarius are you still there? 😀  Anyone else have suggestions on what they’d like to see to?  Hit the jump to join me on my walk or 散歩 – sanpo in Japanese.

Departing from Home in awfully nice weather

Departing from Home in awfully nice weather

One thing you do notice when you live in Japan is how there are almost always street performers in any public place with significant area.  These guys parked their truck on the sidewalk, setup, and started performing.  It’s also pretty cool how most of these groups are actually pretty good.  I guess they are wannabe pros who couldn’t quite make the cut in highly competitive Japan.

Random band set up in the middle of Nagoya's central park

Random band set up in the middle of Nagoya's central park

Passing by the entrance to Osu, Nagoya.  I’ve covered this place before, in a previous post called Oosu, Nagoya.  I’m going to avoid going inside.  Every time I do, I always end up with over 10,000 yen in things that I didn’t actually mean to buy.  Gotta save up for the travelling I will be doing in August when some more friends will be coming over to Japan.

Oosu will suck your wallet dry, though not quite to the extent of Tokyo's shopping districts.

Oosu will suck your wallet dry, though not quite to the extent of Tokyo's shopping districts.

Nagoya is serviced by three major types of rail.  I’ve already talked about the Meitetsu rail which takes me home and the subway as well.  The last one is the JR line, which connects Nagoya to its suburban areas where people actually live and to the other major cities of Japan.

JR train

JR train at Kanayama Station

What I really set out to do before taking a walk was to represent my company’s branch in our intra-company baseball competition.  Here’s a team mate hitting a homerun!  We got crushed 11-4 in the first game and were the first team out of the competition :(.  Got dodgeball coming up though, hopefully that will turn out better.

I think this is the first time I posted a pic of myself

Actually, he missed and struck out, but I don't want to remember that :P.

Just two more pics taken as I headed home!  I found this secluded area near my home that actually looked quite beautiful…

Stumbled upon this place accidentally, but I'm glad I did.

Stumbled upon this place accidentally, but I'm glad I did.

Aw it's getting dark.

Aw it's getting dark.

Well that’s it for this time.  I do need to finish reading the instruction manual for the D60.  I still feel the camera is better than me, but hopefully I’ll have better shots befitting of this camera before I go home.  Until next time!  Thanks for reading!



11 responses

20 05 2009

lol male k-on.

20 05 2009
Yuki Phnx

Wow, that street lined with trees is very pretty.

Looks like a romantic place for a sanpo

20 05 2009

Nice surrounding atmosphere ^_^ Too bad my area is full of houses and not enough green space. If only there were parks around my area (I have to drive 15 mins to nearest park). Well, have fun while you wait for your friend ^_^

20 05 2009

Wishful thinking usually wins.

21 05 2009

Pic #3 STARBUCKS!!! =D

21 05 2009

You better save up!!!
Comiket and Tokyo will suck any wallet dry…
We need more pics of other places like Kyoto and such…
I wonder if I’ll see some people performing when I go to Japan in August…

21 05 2009

Yes I’m still here lurking in the shadows. This is exactly the sort of update I like 🙂 Lots of images and thoughts about what you see. More please!

22 05 2009

Guor: Yar Male K-ON

Yuki Phnx: Yup, a walk is always fun, but more so in Japan because there are so many unexpected things.

Robostrike: Canada is supposed to have more green space than Japan!

Nyarth: Yarly, STARBUCKS! Vital part of Americanization.

Rin: I’ll have pics of kyoto up soon. I can’t afford to go to that many places in a month :(.

Lorfarius: Glad you enjoyed this post. I’ll be sure to do another one!

22 05 2009

nice ^^ always love random japan pics to reminisce on my brief trips ^^;

i forget, what lens are you shooting with? i’m getting the dslr itch again and lens specs are the first thing on my mind whenever i see pics nowadays ^^;

24 05 2009

I’m just using the default kit lens. It’s the default Nikon 18-55mm kit lens, but I have been able to do a LOT with it.

The plan is to actually master the camera with what I have now before pursuing additional gear like a tripod or more lenses.

5 06 2009

^^ Nice pics. Love picture focused posts. Like people say, pictures speak a thousand words.. :3

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