New Music Playlist Additions

29 04 2009

Not a whole lot has been happening since Sunday, except we’re starting the ramp up to Golden Week!  5 days of consecutive holidays from May 2nd to May 6th!

In the mean time, I’ve decided to post about the recent additions that I’ve made to my musical playlist.  I guess these aren’t really suggestions, just something I felt like posting about myself.  For the time being they’re all Japanese songs, but click the jump for more!

:P Got bored of using Miku all the time.  Time for a bit of change.

😛 Got bored of using Miku all the time. Time for a bit of change.

First!  The Fine Every Day – Kicco.

01 This is the OP to Tayutama ~ A Kiss on my Deity ~ one of the animes that I mentioned previous in my opinionated anime summary.  I have never heard of this artist before, except that she also did the OP to the game version of Tayutama.

Cagayake! Girls!

img_0001 OP to the much praised K-ON!  It’s an OP sung by the 4 voice actors of the main characters in the show.  Expect very little in the way of actual singing talent, and much in the way of produced voices.  However, it is really catchy!  I suspect anyone who’s already watching K-ON! is already listening to this though.

Don’t say Lazy!

img_00011ED to the much praised K-ON!  Actually, I suspect this song is making more waves in the anime community than the OP.  Same deal here, 4 voice actors, produced voices, but catchy melody.  I suspect that everyone who would listen to this is already listening to it though.

Now for some real artists :P.  Two Albums that I’ve gone right ahead and dumped into my playlist because they were so awesome!

This is the One – Utada Hikaru

utada_this_is_the_one The first English album from Utada Hikaru in the longest time ever.  The album in Japan did surprisingly well given that it’s in English and landed at the top of near the top of a number of rankings.    It didn’t make it that far in the USA but I love almost every song of this album.  Utada Hikaru also has perfectly fine English, none of the Engrish we mock Japanese people for.

For those of you who don’t know Utada Hikaru, you really should.  She is likely one of Japan’s most popular female singers with actual singing talent, unlike the garbage that is Hamasaki Ayumi.  She also holds the record for best selling Japanese album of all time, entitled First Love.   Oh! And she is godly at tetris.

Utada Hikaru Tetris!

ANSWER – Angela Aki

angela-aki-answerAngela Aki is another artist that I am a huge fan of.  She’s most famous for her ballads that she sings while playing the piano.  She’s also best friends with Itou Yuna, another one of my favorite artists.  This album is the first one from Angela Aki in a long time, but it is definitely worth a listen if you are a fan of Japanese music.

That’s it for now, but I guess I’ll post another one once I have added a significant number of tracks to my playlist.



7 responses

29 04 2009

Utada Hikaru is so awesome at Tetris!

K-On! OP & ED both rock, enough said.

29 04 2009
Yuki Phnx

I love Utada, even my own Chinese parents know her!

First love was my first ever J-pop song! Listening to her takes me back to 2002…when I graduated gr.8. Gosh, it’s been a long time

30 04 2009

Yay! K-ON! How many times I’ve listened the OP/ED…
Wow Utada’s singing is awesome =)

30 04 2009

Great to hear that you’re purchasing legal CD’s ^_^ I see a whole lack of male artists here, are there any that are worth mentioning??

30 04 2009
Yuki Phnx

personally, I love TegoMass and Miyamoto Shinichi. TegoMass has some very heart warming songs and well, I just like Miyamoto-san’s voice.

And anything by Miyano Mamoru is good too. They’re mostly character songs, but he has an amazing voice

30 04 2009

The OP and ED for K-ON is a must!!!!!!!
Great songs…I even have the CDs!!!!!!

30 04 2009

Bluemage: Utada Hikaru is godly at tetris, she would own me any day :P.

Yuki Phnx: Certainly has been a long time since First Love was released. I feel old for being around to listen to it when it was released. I still have that album laying around somewhere.

Nyarth: Glad you like Utada Hikaru. Always glad to bring more fans to Hikki!

Robostrike: Have you given Ken Hirai a shot? He’s probably the only male singer I listen to :P.

Rin: The K-ON tracks are definitely brilliant. I like the OP more than the ED though.

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