Sneak Peak!

18 04 2009

I haven’t gotten home yet, so no full post just yet!  But.. in the mean time, I think I took a stunning picture and I’d like to see what the rest of you think!

Postcard worthy?  My super biased opinion of my own image says yes!

Postcard worthy? My super biased opinion of my own image says yes!

O and kudos to those who know where the picture was taken.



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18 04 2009

HDR pls

18 04 2009

Part of the impact is the non-HDR part you bum!

18 04 2009

I think it is a pretty well taken photo. If I may suggest, next time, have the Tori scaled larger with less background. The dark trees on the left are taking away from the contrast of the Tori to its surrounding atmosphere.

18 04 2009

How come the gate can in the water? Is that gate are placed near the beach?

19 04 2009

It’s all about the silhouette, I agree.

To be a true ‘postcard shot’ (though I’m not a big fan of that term. I’ve seen too many postcards that are poorly-touched up images with giant swirly letters splattered across), the sun would be behind the plaque and, thus, its caustics would line up to pass directly underneath the torii, instead of being cut off by the shadow of the left-hand support.

But that’s truly a nitpick. It’s an awesome shot.

And as for my guess of where that is, I can’t really say. I know Ashi-no-ko in the Hakone region has a lake torii, but I was able to stand under it as it was near the shore. A quick Wikipedia search on torii gave me something that looks like it, but that was cheating so I won’t ruin your fun by putting it here.

19 04 2009

And if no one believes the Wikipedia search in their search to figure out where it is, here’s another hint (I think. I’m still not 100% positive):,132.319282&spn=0.003284,0.004828&t=k&z=18

20 04 2009

Robostrike: Yea now that you mention it I could have cropped the picture. I couldn’t do much more with the zoom due to the limitations of it being a kit lens.

pus2meong: The tori gate is actually built on a beach that gets submerged during the 6 hour long high tide. During low tide, you can actually walk all the way to right under the torii gate.

Chris: You’re totally spot on for the location. Thanks for the photography comments. I think this is the best shot I’ve ever taken on my camera thus far.

24 04 2009

sexay. wish that wordpress’s image resizing/compression algorithm was better. the pic looks kinda fuzzy in the post, but when i click for the full size it looks nice and crisp. would make a great wallpaper… happen to have that in 1920×1200? 😛

25 04 2009

I do happen to have the full res picture captured from my camera.

It’s here:

25 04 2009

excellent. doumo~ ^_^

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