Akihabara Round 2 Loot Post

30 03 2009

I didn’t purchase a whole lot this month, mainly because I already bought a cellphone and that cost me quite a bit. I originally had a budget of around 20000 yen, but that budget disappeared and I ended up overdoing it, AGAIN.  But here we go!


So what exactly did I buy this time?

Anime related:

Hakurei Reimu Paper fan.

The fan seems to be ridiculously rare, but there are all kinds of designs featuring different characters.  If you like Touhou, you’re bound to find one of a character you like.

Macross Frontier Creator’s Magazine Volume 1

Macross Frontier Original artist sketch replicas

dsc_0593I got 10 sketches in total, along with around 8 story boards for some of the more well known scenes in the series.  😛  I actually could make a little bit of a profit reselling these at an auction.

Macross Frontier Limited Edition Binder

I totally was not going to buy this stupid binder, but then it said limited to 10,000 only.  Being the sucker that I am, I shelled out the ridiculously overpriced 2,500 yen for this folder.. sigh.

Hayate no Gotoku Calender

Ghost in the Shell Laughing Man Cookies

These are for Martin, my good buddy!   Who seems to love the laughing man for some reason.

Lucky Star and Suzumiya Haruhi nendroid puchis

I actually won these two from a UFO catcher machine with 200 yen each.  If you want to buy them individually, they are 500 yen per box with a random figure inside.  If you go to Aso Bit Hobby, they are having a sale where 12 nendroid puchi boxes are only 3,600 yen.  It’s a great deal, and I was really really close into getting suckered into it :(.

Tokyo International Anime Fair Guidebook

This book is crucial to planning your trip around the expo, definitely worth the 500 yen.  On a side note, it’s also not very international at all featuring only Japanese.

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Wallet 😀

I think I need to stop my obsession with Hatsune Miku.  Maybe to move onto Megurine Luka? 😛

Umi no Monogatari Promo Pack

Comes with a lovely promo DVD, trading card, and tissues.  I guess I will be watching the show now that they gave me limited edition merchandise? 😛

Gurren Lagann Promo Pack

Nice plastic Gurren Lagann bag for promotion of the new movie.  Unfortunately, the bag was just filled with pamphlets :(.  Hurrah for Valkyrie Chronicles anime, but I don’t think I want to see a series about pretty girls playing baseball.

More Pamphlets

More Pamphlets


I was wondering and laughing at the Japanese people who were carrying stack and stacks of these bags inside each other.  I saw one guy who was carrying 30+ paper bags from different booths.  Now I discovered the reason, these bags can in fact be sold at auction for up to 1,000 yen each.  30 bags sold for 30,000 yen?  Sure I’d take that.


Ah and finally, Suiseiseki


Miscellaneous Items

PSP AC Adapter – Because I am a genius and also left this at home

PSP Pandora Battery – Heh, do you really want to know what this is for?

8GB SD memory card – It says Sandisk on it, but the prices for these things in Akiba is somewhat weird.  I only paid 1,800 yen for an 8GB SD card…  It does look somewhat sketchy, but it works fine where I need it.  The small shops in Akiba all sell these super cheap cards, but the large stores hike the price up to 5,000 yen.  From what I could gather, the difference in price is attributed to difference in “class”, where lower classes indicate faster transfer speeds.  Regardless, if all you need it for is storage, I see no reason to purchase the expensive cards :P.  But darn that card was cheap.

Stay tuned tomorrow, for a supplementary guide to Akihabara!



8 responses

30 03 2009

i’m a sucker for limited goods ^^;;;

dunno what i would do if i actually had an extended stay in japan… i’d be broke within a month

can’t believe you got those puchis for 200 yen. such a great deal! woulda taken me 2000 yen (at least), given my ufo catcher skills ^^;;

30 03 2009
Yuki Phnx

NO! don’t give up on miku! she’s is the ultimate idol!!!

and aaaargh, i’m so jealous of u getting the puchis!!!!!!! they’re so expensive here in canada…..and u won them in a ufo machine too….very good hand-eye coordination.

i want a miku wallet too……;_;

31 03 2009

OMG…That is so awesome ^_^ Thanks so much. I’m busy with my last midterm right now, so I’ll continue praising you afterwards.

31 03 2009

Miku’s too awesome to give up! I’m currently worshipping her oujo-sama greatness everyday by putting up a World is Mine wallpaper on my laptop. 😉

Who knew there were Laughing Man cookies, Miku Wallets, and Touhou fans? It seems like you can get anything anime-related in Japan.

Valkyria Chronicles looks like an interesting anime. Maybe I’ll pick it up. Though the town guards look like little kids in the anime. <_<

And Suiseiseki’s moe level in the last photo is OVER 9000!!!!

1 04 2009

Really nice loot!!!!!
I want to kill you for having that Macross goods!!!!!
I would buy them off you if you sell them…

2 04 2009

@meronpan: I actually put myself below the poverty line in about 2 months of staying here lol. Right now, I’m living on handouts from my coworkers.

I’m actually not that bad at UFO catcher, you just gotta be able to tell which ones are the traps and which ones are actually winnable.

@yuki phnx: Miku Wallet is gorgeous 😛 I can’t bear to use it haha. Puchi’s here are very common, sucks that anime stuff is so hard to get in Toronto.

@robostrike: Ha, laughing man cookies are awesome. I would have bought more stuff at the production IG booth if i wasn’t so broke :P.

@ Bluemage: Miku is a hole in my wallet draining me of everything else :'(. Suiseiseki figure is gorgeous, best figure of her I’ve ever seen.

@Rin: sucks for you, but I’m keeping my Macross goodies! No one is touching my illustrations!

26 05 2009
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