23 03 2009

I’ve been really really lazy today after work, and the time seems to have just slipped away while surfing the net and speaking with others on MSN.  Seeing what other blogs have been doing to taking of their figures, I’ve decided to take a picture of the only thing that I’ve gotten around to actually unpacking, so here.  I realize I suck at shooting portraits and haven’t figured out how to use depth of field properly yet.  I seem to have gotten sort of used to night shots, so this will be next maybe.

Suiseiseki DESU!

Suiseiseki DESU!

dsc_0589That’s it for now, time to figure out how to motivate myself to do my PDENG homework sigh.



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23 03 2009

The fun bit with depth-of-field is that you need to control your focus very carefully to make sure the right parts of the shot are in focus. Generally you’ll want to switch your auto-focus to a single point, or turn it off entirely and go manual so that you can focus on the eyes of your subject (or, in the case of subjects with no eyes, whatever feature is most likely to draw the attention of your… whatever the word is for people looking at your pictures… uh, ‘audience’… maybe.)

24 03 2009

For every PDEng assignment you get competent on, you get to purchase yourself another figure. If it is outstanding, then purchase two.

Haven’t watched Rosen Maiden yet and probably not going to, but the figure looks decently sweet.

24 03 2009

Wow…I would have a lot of figures (and would probably be broke by now) if I used robostrike’s method of motivating myself to do PDEng assignments. Maybe I should use his method for the current one that I’m working on…X_X

That’s a nice looking Suiseiseki figure. Been a while since I’ve watched Rozen Maiden. Should rewatch it sometime. Maybe I should ask Suiseiseki to do my PDEng assignment for me instead.

30 03 2009

yay figure pics ^^ someday i need to actually read the volume of rozen maiden i have then watch the anime as necessary ^^; i only recognize the character ‘cuz i watched one of those ‘desu’ compilations a while back ^^;;;

8 12 2009

I want souseiseki @-@@@@@

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