Macbook Pro at the Shop again, Enjoy Pictures in the Meantime

18 03 2009
Hey guys,

I haven`t forgot about my own blog, just that my Macbook Pro has been in the shop since Sunday.  They`re slow about fixing it this time :(.  Heading to Tokyo again, but this time by “high speed bus” 高速バス”.  Round trip cost: 8,620 yen, travel time: 12 hours to and back.  Shinkansen, Round trip cost: 21,000 yen, Travel time 3 hours 20 minutes.  It really depends on how much you value your time I suppose :P.  I`m giving the busses a shot because I haven`t done it before though, not really for the money.Well in the mean time, enjoy more night shots that I took on the way to the Apple Shop for repairs.

Nagoya Meitetsu Station (where I switch trains to go home!)

Nagoya Meitetsu Station (where I switch trains to get home from Nagoya)


One more picture from my serious business series!  Karaoke is also series business in Japan.  I`ll get into details another time, but where else do you find an 8 story building devoted entirely to karaoke rooms?  Sure beats what we get in Canada.Whoa… Giant Karaoke Parlour. Kanayama, Nagoya.


Whoa... Giant Karaoke Parlour.  Kanayama, Nagoya.

Whoa... Giant Karaoke Parlour. Kanayama, Nagoya.

 Well that`s all for now.  I hope you like the pictures!  I put in a lot more effort into learning about ISO settings and tried out a bunch of settings for these pictures.  Still no tripod…  I really should get one before hanami.



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19 03 2009

Those night photos are much clearer with the increased-ISO and quickened-Shutterspeed settings. You’re still getting some fuzziness around moving things (people), but experimenting with slightly-quicker shutter speeds can erase that (you can compensate for the quicker shutter speeds with less exposed pictures, or you can ramp the ISO up to 800).

Or, for a cool effect, find something that’s moving (car, person, whatever), lower your shutter speed (only a little. Especially if the object’s moving quickly), then try panning with the movement to get a background-motion-blur.

19 03 2009

If you go to Akihabara and you see Danny Choo. Take a picture with him and show us. ^_^

Glad to see your Mac Book got fixed finally ^_^. Have fun on the bus. If you’re bored during the ride, I’m almost always free to talk to you, so fire off an e-mail to me. Have a fun time.

20 03 2009

Yes a picture with Dannychoo would be sick! =D

@Robostrike: I really want to go back to school now. Just seems like there’s more time to do stuff.

21 03 2009

hope your computer’s back in running condition soon!

12 hours is a pretty hefty amount of traveling… too bad you don’t have a jr pass! given your extended stay, perhaps there might’ve been one that was worth it…

i’ve always wanted to try karaoke, still have never been ^^;; unfortunately my repertoire outside of anime op/ed and game music is pretty limited ^^;;;; i imagine that’s why i haven’t been very active trying to find a place here in the states… what american karaoke place is going to have the op from spice & wolf or shakugan no shana, etc … ^^;;;

22 03 2009

@chris: Thanks for the advice, I`m slowly easing myself out of the automodes and using the semi auto modes for now. I was using the manual aperature, auto shutter speed setting for some of these photos. I`ll probably try to manually alter the shutter speed next time.

@Robostrike: Dannychoo seems to be so busy outside of Akihabara :P, I doubt I@ll see him there.

@Meronpan: 12 hours absolutely stinks, especially in a terribly cramped bus. But if it wasn`t for that I`d be even more overbudget than I am now. And I STILL have to go to Mikufes next weekend.

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